Today in the city Kingston 21.07.2017
Next U.S. Ambassador To Canada Vows To Strengthen Relationship

OTTAWA — U.S. President Donald Trump's pick to serve as ambassador to Canada says she will work hard to maintain — and improve — the strong relationship between both countries during...

Usain Bolt est fin prêt pour son ultime défi

Le roi rugit encore: Usain Bolt a assuré mercredi à Monaco, où il se produira vendredi pour le dernier meeting de son inimitable carrière, qu'il était prêt pou...

Saudis release woman who was wearing miniskirt in video that went viral

Police arrested the young woman for wearing “immodest clothes” after an outcry from people who say she violated the kingdom’s conservative Islamic dress code.

Saudis release woman in viral miniskirt video without charge

Police had arrested the young woman for wearing ‘immodest clothes’ after an outcry from people who say she violated the kingdom’s dress code

Kingston mother in need of pricey cancer treatment

Tracy Ferguson says ever since she was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer at the age of 30, life has never been the same. “I want our lives back, is what I want,” Ferguson said while ho...

British police accused of using helicopter to film citizens sunbathing, having sex

Police in the United Kingdom are accused of using the aircraft's powerful video camera to film members of the public who were having sex and sunbathing naked.

Biggest MSCI emerging hopeful falters as Saudi profits stall

Analysts have been slow to raise profit estimates for $463-billion exchange as kingdom struggles to pull economy away from oil amid low crude prices

Saudi woman wearing miniskirt in video arrested following public outcry

A Saudi woman has been arrested for defying the kingdom's strict dress code by walking around in a miniskirt and crop top in a video that sparked public outrage.

Vintage bomber plane arrives in Kingston for week-long stay

A flying relic from the Second World War is calling Kingston home for the next several days. The B-17 Bomber is here in the Limestone City as part of the “Flying Legends of Victory Tour”....

Trump Administration Releases NAFTA Wish-List

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has released its goals for a new North American Free Trade Agreement: it's a list of broad themes, with some hints of irritants ahead.The U.S. says it wants...

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